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Name:Nana (AU)
Website:Nana's old account, on LiveJournal

Series: Elfen Lied

Version: Anime (towards the end)

Age: 7 (and a half... her birthday has yet to be determined)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight (that is once she gets a love interest, or maybe a crush in the very least)

Appearance: Nana may be seven in age, but she actually looks twice as old. She stands at about 5’2”. To remain standing takes a bit of concentration, otherwise one or both of her legs would fall off.

Her artificial arms and legs in skin tone match the Caucasian color on her face, yet they are made out of a tough plastic material, the same kind for display mannequins seen in any department stores. They were put in place so loosely by her surrogate father, who was no doubt in a rush to get her out of the research facility she grew up in.

Nana’s not a normal human being—and she knows this. She’s a mutant, one in very few numbers of Silpelit Diclonii who had been isolated from the rest of the world.

What would be most noticeable to others by just looking at her would be the pair of white cat ear-like horns, one on each side near the top of her head. She has short pink hair that mostly ends just below her ears. Long pink bangs cover her forehead. Her eyes are also pink, a slightly lighter shade of pink. If it’s bright indoors or outdoors, both eye and hair color would look the same.

Silpelits are different from normal Diclonius specimens because of the fact that their bodies age faster than them and normal people. It would explain Nana’s childish behavior when she has the body of a fourteen year old.

Her main attire consists of a one-piece dress of simple design that’s mainly black, extending to just above her knees. It unbuttons from the front under the white collar. Before Nana lost her arms and legs in a very painful manner, there were long sleeves ending around her wrists in white cuffs (see picture). On her feet are white socks and beige tennis shoes.

Invisible to the naked eye, unless they’re out and at point blank range for the faint outlining to be seen, are four psychic ghost arms that can reach as far as five meters called vectors. They come out from Nana’s back, and are high in density so they can go through and cause damage to anyone or almost anything. Nana’s inexperienced when it comes to combat though. Someone who could easily overpower her with a more powerful telekinesis ability, for example. Because she doesn’t use them like the rest of her kind do; tearing humans to bloody pieces, or spreading a genetic infection that could be harmless and unnoticed until the woman the infected man gets pregnant gives birth to a baby girl is born with horns on the top of her head.

Personality: At heart, Nana is a very friendly and well-mannered sweetie, really. Polite when need be. While all the other Diclonii at default are homicidal to put an end to humanity, she’s the opposite. She may have a timid side, and would be a bit fearful around anyone who bears a strong sense of authority, but she's never had any feelings of negativity toward anyone else—except Lucy, the queen bee Diclonius who used her vectors against Nana. Lucy used to be the only one she'd ever want to hurt.

Even when she had gone through treatment no child should ever have to go through, there has always been a trace of optimism in Nana. She tries her best to not give into despair, especially when she’s by herself. Part of her innocence is lost though, after losing her only surrogate parent.

Nana is not only well behaved. She even has something of an imagination, but it’s limited and not overactive. Sometimes, in knowing so little about the world around her, she’d try to act like she knows what she’s doing. If anything, she wouldn’t want to appear stupid around anyone. But in the end she doesn’t mind depending on someone for help. Before Papa (Chief Director Kurama of Diclonius research) helped her make an escape from the lab, she was dependent on her handlers to feed her, wash her, and put her to bed.

If Nana feels insulted or offended, she’d pout and try to defend herself verbally--at first. She’d never start an actual fight. If another starts one with her for whatever reason, and there is no other alternative or no one around to stop the attacker, well, Nana may have to retaliate. She’d never use her vectors to willingly take a life. Nana will inflict only pain if necessary, but hesitate. If at all possible she’d prefer to avoid hurting others. She was told by Kurama to live peacefully. And Nana wants to be a good girl.

But if she's really upset or sad, then the tears would come.

She wouldn’t like to see anyone fighting each other either. She’d be there to try and be the voice of reason at least, because she knows pain and violence for the most part is wrong. Depends on who’s fighting who.

Nana has a split personality that rarely comes out--only under extreme negative circumstances. If there is any physical or verbal abuse towards Nana--without anyone around to stand up for her--in which happens to be more than what she can bear after reasoning and begging for the bad person to stop would cause her cold, then a dangerous side of herself would take over. She’d go into trance-like state with a creepy look in her eyes. Her attitude would be cold, and cruel. Think of this as a deadly defense mechanism.

Without hesitation (and perhaps guilt) Nana would normally feel, Cold Trance Nana would make the person responsible for any heavy assault suffer. She’d lash out at anyone who would stand in her way, even her friends. It’s not likely for this side of her to come out much at all once after it’s first triggered. Still, it’s not smart to approach Nana when she's like that.

The only way for Nana to snap out of the trance would be a heavy blow to the head—either delivered on purpose or by accident. The instant that happens, she’d have no memory of what she did, weep from the pain she feels, and call out for her (deceased) papa in distress.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Her four vectors, five meters long each, can go through and cut most objects with no problem. She is able to move them very well, so she wouldn’t let them hurt or touch anyone by accident. She could also grab onto something with them and hurl herself up to five meters in the air—meaning that she would be able to fly, glide, or hover through the air, but only very briefly.

Nana could also shield herself and others nearby her with them, as long as the projectiles aren’t too heavy. Her primary use for her vectors though is to keep her prosthetic limbs in place. She could also easily remove her arm to use it as a weapon, as well as it’s easy to use a telekinetic ghost hand to put it back on.

Her sense of optimism may be infectious to others, for she doesn’t like to dwell on dark thinking or sadness most of the time. In her darkest hour, there just might be a thin glimmer of hope present. The will to look for some kind of positive goal, something to strive for, has kept Nana from going insane or emo. This cutie intends to remain a positive thinker.

If there’s something she doesn’t know how to do, she’d be eager to learn. She’d listen with undivided attention and practice doing things, depending what the task is. As long as it doesn’t involve killing other people.

Since she at default would want to live her new life as a friendly, happy girl, she would be good at making friends despite the fact she’s never had any back at her old home. Around the grownups, she’d act a little shy until she knows for certain they wouldn’t mistreat her like those scientists had done. She’d feel more at ease around younger people.

Having friends around would make her feel less alone in the world and living a better life. ...Having new parents to look after her may not be something she will want right away. (She's still grieving over losing Kurama. She still misses him so much.)

Weaknesses: Nana is at times naïve and clueless over things about the world outside the laboratory room she was locked up in most of her life. Until she’s able to learn more and more, she’d be gullible to believe almost anything. Even in stuff that would sound silly to others. She knows simple things about the outside world that make sense to her, but the more complicated stuff (such as the complexities in life like boy-girl relationships) would likely fly over her.

Nana’s no manipulator, and she’s not even near smart enough to know she’s being taken advantage of in a subtle manner. Her way of thinking is too simple, mostly in black and white. Although, if she’s observant enough to notice that there’s something odd or wrong about someone trying to act like her friend. She’ll ask questions.

Like any other kid, Nana will tend to be very inquisitive about things. Being too curious and asking too many questions could have her put herself in trouble.

Her artificial limbs aren’t suited for heavy lifting, or helping people get back on their feet. Her arms and legs were hurriedly put together without the thought of how they would hold in place. Almost constantly, her vectors have to keep her legs in place until she can get used to moving around in them.

Very heavy objects are something her vectors cannot lift. Anything that’s much heavier than Nana’s body weight.

The horns on her head are the main source of her vectors’ power, and they are likely attached to the nerves and arteries in her brain. Losing one horn may put her in a coma or knock her out for a while as two of her four vectors go away. Losing them both will surely kill her, as all her vectors would cease to exist. She could also die like any other humans if she is not conscious enough to use her vectors to save herself, or if there’s no one around to come to her rescue. So no, Nana isn’t exactly invincible.

Nana isn’t very tolerant to endure pain, not like he she was before. She endured so much inhumane experiments and torture knowing Chief Kurama would be there to morally support her. She wouldn’t go back to that old life willingly, not ever. She prefers freedom, and the life of a normal person. Being chained, tormented, and tested on in cruel ways was always scary and unpleasant for her to endure.

It’s not hard to insult or frighten her. Heavy insults toward Nana or anyone she's deeply cared about would upset her.

(Her AU history will eventually be in a separate post.)
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